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The TAnimated component is a visual component for use with Borland's Delphi. It allows the easy programing of simple animations such as exploding text, books being paged through, etc. Animations are drawn as bitmaps consisting of two or more frames arranged in filmstrip form. This package contains a demo, full source, and a help file which integrates with Delphi's help. The use of TAnimated is free.

Download (175kb) for Delphi 1.

Download (181kb) for Delphi 2.


TTabListBox is a simple extension to TListBox to add tabbing capabilities. Tabs are useful to divide the listbox contents into neat columns. Up to 10 tab positions may be added and the effects observed visually at design time. Includes source and help file. Free.

Download (12kb).

For sales or additional information, contact:

David Baldwin, 
Phone: (727) 906-9072    Fax: (605) 238-4799

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