Turbo Vision Utilities

Dialog Design, Version 4.6

For those still using Turbo Vision, here's a program which makes designing Turbo Vision dialogboxes a pleasurable experience. With Dialog Design, dialogbox controls can be added, edited, rearranged and the dialogbox itself sized, moved, etc. The program produces customizable source code and/or a resource file for your dialog.

Dialog Design produces source for Borland Pascal 7.0, Borland C++ 3.1 (Turbo Vision 1.x), and Borland C++ 4.02+ (Turbo Vision 2.0).

Usage is now free. Ignore the mention of a registration fee in the documentation.

Download DlgDsn46.zip (261 kb).

C++ Source Code Generators for Dialog Design

These are the executables for the Dialog Design's C++ source code generators. Strictly speaking, you don't need these as their source is included with DlgDsn46.zip. However, I've found that newcomer's to C++ often have a problem compiling and linking these programs. If you need them, here they are.

Download TV1Exe.zip (270 kb) for C++ Vers 3.1 or TV2Exe.zip (356 kb) for Borland C++ Vers 4.02+.

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